13 October 2020

A royal occasion at high tea with the Queen at Arcare Parkinson

Clients in Arcare Parkinson’s community enjoyed a wonderful afternoon having High Tea with the Queen herself for her recent birthday.

Together, they shared many delightful stories and laughter around their high tea table which consisted of tea and special cakes prepared by the Kitchen team.

Many of the clients are big fans of the royal family, with some of them even travelling to England to visit the Royal Palace.

‘I loved going on holidays in England to visit my family; I even got to see the Queen at a service I went to,’ Gloria shared.

From her white gloves to her purple fascinator and English accent, Lifestyle Co-ordinator Jodie was the perfect embodiment of the Queen.

Many clients were asking where she had gotten her beautiful outfit from!

‘This is just beautiful, I never would have thought I’d be having tea with the Queen,’ Judy said.

To celebrate the royal birthday occasion, clients even wore shiny tiaras and pretty clothes, and drank English tea from beautiful china cups.

‘How lovely are all the cups and saucers!’ Dolores commented.

Displaying royal-tea etiquette, the ladies held onto their teacups with three fingers and raised their pinkies in the air.

It was a lovely way to celebrate the Queen’s birthday among the company of friends while indulging in a royal high tea.

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