26 July 2019

Saying oui! To Bastille Day at Arcare Caboolture

Every month at Arcare Caboolture, we get together to celebrate a special theme. And to continue our tradition, we celebrated Bastille Day – France’s national day, this July.

It was a perfect excuse to get dressed up, eat yummy food and be with family and friends.

The day began with a lovely French-themed morning tea and concert where our team members and clients got involved and dressed up for the occasion.

Everyone was dressed up in red and blue – the famous French colours. They also put on berets and wore striped clothing.

The residence was decorated with Parisian motifs such as the Eiffel Tower and the French flag.

As the team members and clients got up to dance and sing, it seemed like everyone was having a really great time!

Being able to celebrate another country’s national day was different and refreshing as it brings about more awareness and understanding of different cultures.

And for those who may not have the chance to travel, Arcare Caboolture brings the country to them!

We want to encourage our clients to try and experience new things, and this month’s themed celebrations was a huge success!

Team members and clients were able to learn more France’s history, their cultural revolution and how France became the country it is today.

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