3 March 2020

International food & wine tasting

In February, the Arcare Keysborough community hosted a food and wine tasting event.

Client, Anka, who is originally from Serbia, is incredibly proud of heritage and requested that the Arcare Keysborough community recognise and celebrate her homeland’s culture.

The lifestyle team agreed, recognising the importance and value of celebrating and learning about different cultures within the community. However instead of just celebrating Serbian culture, the lifestyle team decided that the community would celebrate a number of various cultures.

Anka was delighted to hear the news, and was excited by the prospect of sharing her culture with the extended community. Anka and lifestyle team member, Sema then began planning the perfect event to capture the essence of Serbian culture.

“There’s no better way to represent a country, than through its food; food tells a story.” Sema said.

Together, Anka and Sema developed a food and drinks menu for their International food and wine tasting event. Anka enjoyed having her input in what Serbian dishes would be served.

The day finally arrived, and Anka invited her grandchildren to accompany her to the event. A variety of Serbian, Italian and Mediterranean food and wine was on offer. Each culture was represented on a different table in the dining room, and clients were free to go around to sample from each table as they pleased.

“It feels like home.” One Italian client said, as she admired the Italian foods on offer; the entire platter was devoured soon after.

The aromas coming from each table transported the clients around the world.

One client joked that the residence should be renamed Arcare Cheeseborough, due to the abundance of various cheeses on offer. A different wine was paired to each table to compliment each countries the foods and flavours.

Lifestyle team member, Sema also cooked and provided some dishes from her own culture; picking muscatel grapes from her garden and making karides and saganaki from scratch.

Everyone had a wonderful afternoon eating their way around the world, and Anka enjoyed sharing part of her culture with the Keysborough community.

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