30 December 2019

Sharing Margaret’s love of art at Arcare Springwood

Margaret has spent the month of December creating handmade decorations for everyone at Arcare Springwood.

Not only did she create original decorations for her suite door, but she also made many more for her friends in the Muscat community.

Margaret used to be an art teacher and she has created many masterpieces during her craft sessions.

Using only pencil, paper and glue, Margaret’s personalised decorations were well-received by all of her friends.

They just could not wait to display it on their suite doors, especially after finding out Margaret had spent hours making them.

The photo features Margaret’s original design for one of her friends, Joan’s suite door.

Margaret also won the ‘Decorate Your Door’ Christmas competition in the Muscat community for her design.

Before becoming an art teacher, Margaret studied and worked in the fields of biology, hematology and medical technology at a laboratory in Kawakawa, North Auckland.

She also worked in primary education before becoming an art teacher in the early ‘70s.

Afterwards, Margaret went on to teach secondary school at Beenleigh high school, Clayfield high school, Warwick high school and Mansfield high school.

Today, Margaret continues her love for art and mixed media and she is always happy to assist in teaching others the basic technique of art.

Here at Arcare Springwood, we have several clients who have extensive experience in the art industry and in the new year, we hope to showcase their talent in a combined art exhibition. Stay tuned!

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