6 January 2020

Silent disco parties at Arcare North Lakes

The clients at Arcare North Lakes sure know how to party with their Silent Disco activity!

As the clients get ready for a round of stimulating dancing, they put on their best dancing shoes and clothes and were given a set of headphones.

“I love the colours of dressing up, it is bright and it makes me feel really happy,” a client commented.

They were soon surprised to hear the sound of their favourite songs playing in their ears!

The Silent Disco activity was implemented here at Arcare North Lakes as the clients are huge fans of anything related to music.

Therefore, the lifestyle team decided to step it up a notch from their weekly concerts and introduce Silent Disco.

During the Silent Disco sessions, there are 10 sets of headphones and an instructor will lead the group through actions or lyrics using a mic.

The music then plays through an iPod or a phone using platforms like iTunes or Spotify.

Team members from Arcare North Lakes also regularly join in the dancing and singing, which makes the experience even better for the clients.

“I always look forward to my session of silent disco music therapy,” a client shared.

With colourful lights from the disco ball bouncing off the lounge room, the residence is transformed into one big party house.

The clients enjoy the Silent Discos as they always leave with big smiles on their faces, after personally experiencing the positive effects that music, dance and laughter can bring.

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