7 November 2020

Snickers – a sausage dog surprise at Arcare Pimpama

Residents in our Arcare Pimpama Laurel community recently received a sausage dog surprise from a dog named Snickers.

One of Arcare Pimpama’s Personal Support Worker brought the adorable Snickers into our community for a visit.

Resident Jean was so happy that she could not wait to hug and cuddle with Snickers.

With Snickers being a small dog, he could be picked up easily and placed into the residents’ laps, much to their delight.

Bill was also very eager to give Snickers a pat or two on his head.

As Snickers made his rounds through the Pimpama community, a large number of team members and residents could not help but go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ when they saw his floppy ears and little paws coming towards them.

Judging from the smiles and laughter, we believe that animals are a wonderful addition to our Arcare Pimpama community and we look forward to cuddling with Snickers again!

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