23 July 2019

Snowy’s exercise class

Today our exercise class begins

By banging our heads and bruising our shins

Rubbing our hands till the skin is red raw,

And stamping our feet till they go through the floor.

Now, sit on your chair with your arms by your side

Keep both feet together while your legs are held wide,

Touch your knee with your ankle, and ten times repeat,

And try to remember to rotate your feet.

Now, pick up your ball and squeeze it so that

When you take your hand off it’s as flat as a mat.

Then while riding your bicycle, stand on your head

Or you might try the ‘rowing your boat’ bit instead.

Now, pick up your weight (yes, it weighs quite a lot)

Then, with your feet on your shoulders, start stirring the pot.

Then pick up your band (and here’s a good stunt-

Try flicking the neck of the person in front).

Now put your left foot on the edge of the chair

While holding your right foot up in the air.

Then take a deep breath and hold it as long

As you possibly can while you’re singing our song.

The more we are together, together, together,

The more we are together, the crazier we’ll be.

For what might you throw at me for this awful poetry?

The more we are together, the crazier we’ll be.

Written by Arcare Carnegie client, Jack Davis.

Arcare Aged Care Carnegie Jack Exercise 2
Arcare Aged Care Carnegie Jack Carer

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