18 February 2020

Sounds of Africa at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

The sounds of Africa filled the Arcare Eight Mile Plains residence when musician Gareth brought along his array of traditional African instruments.

There were so many different types of unique instruments that many clients and team members commented that they had never seen them before.

As the clients gathered in the Lawson lounge, one client exclaimed, ‘you’ll have to tell us what all these instruments are!’.

This drumming session came about when client Eunice, also known as Laurel, suggested drumming lessons in the monthly lifestyle activities calendar.

The team at Arcare Eight Mile Plains soon took it onboard and Gareth was invited from the Southern Gold Coast area to the Eight Mile Plains residence.

‘Everyone loves music! You can see many people here today because they all enjoy it,’ Laurel shared.

‘I’ve always wanted to learn it and I’m really enjoying myself today!’ she added.

Gareth has a passion for African percussion instruments and he has devoted his life to learning it.

He spent 10 years in Guinea, Ghana and the West African regions of Africa.

As he introduced and demonstrated the instruments to everyone, he emphasised that this music session was all about enjoying and feeling the rhythm, even if the instruments were foreign to many.

Once the music started, clients were joyfully tapping their feet and clapping along to the beat.

Gareth has visited a number of different aged care residences so he knew exactly how to encourage the clients to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.

As the strong rhythm and the thumping beat of the drumming session reverberated through the residence, many other team members, families and clients could not help but be drawn to the infectious music.

A few even joined in the dancing, donning instruments on their hands and on their feet!

‘I’ve never heard or seen anything like this before, I’m having so much fun!’ a client commented.





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