8 July 2020

A splash of colour in the Deco community at Arcare Hope Island

Clients in Arcare Hope Island’s Dementia community of Deco have been involved in many hands-on craft activities.

And Personal Support Worker Bec and Pene and Enrolled Nurse Jo are very dedicated to and enthusiastic about doing more.

For example, they did dot painting on natural wood, painted plant pots and even gave a splash of colour to the garden bed rocks.

Bec brought in a timeless classic, ‘The Rainbow Serpent by Dick Roughsey’, and it served as an inspiration for the clients’ paintings.

Using a log brought in by a fellow team member, the clients set about transforming the logs into works of art.

They also painted garden bed rocks to bring a splash of colour to their garden.

While they were painting, the clients came up with great ideas of painting ladybirds, turtles and more.

‘Some of these things you’d never have thought of painting!’ Bec shared.

And they were all very happy to give it a try even though it was their first time!

For clients like Sue, who lived in Fiji and was familiar with native design and patterns, and Denise, who spent some time in Indonesia taking in their local culture, it was nostalgic to be painting the intricate designs.

Now, these colourful rocks and logs are a great conversation starter for anyone who steps into the garden.

As part of the Dementia Community’s activities program, they also conduct gardening activities during the week.

And some of the men have taken it upon themselves to water the plants regularly.

Currently, they have planted vegetables and herbs such as capsicums and cherry tomatoes.

‘I used to grow and plant pumpkins so I’m excited to give that a try again soon,’ a client shared.

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