25 September 2020

Spring Tree

During the last weeks of Winter, some of the ladies at Arcare Surrey Hills started working on creating paper flowers for the community’s upcoming Spring Tree.

During each craft session, the ladies would work with a variety of coloured paper and materials to create a vibrant collage of flowers. The group spent many hours hand-drawings and cutting out all the flowers for the Spring Tree. Once completed, the group helped lifestyle coordinator, Rachel hang the Tree display in the front foyer, where all could see and appreciate it.

Lifestyle coordinator, Rachel said, “We wanted to help bring some brightness into lives of our residents, and with the beginning of Spring upon us, we thought that the colourful and vibrant community display, might just be the way to do it.”

After receiving a number of compliments from fellow residents and team members, the group have said that they are incredibly happy and proud of their work.

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