29 October 2018

Stan’s skills

by Mary Chiodo, support guide

Stan has been an Arcare in-home support client since December 2013. We love Stan’s bright and cheerful personality and easy-going nature. He follows the AFL and is a mad Essendon supporter.

Stan lives with his gorgeous dog Mutley who we believe is the real master of the house. Stan’s dear wife Judith, who was also an in-home support client, passed away in 2014.

Stan has regular support workers who assist him with shopping, domestic tasks, transport and share a weekly meal with him. Occasionally they have also visited family and friends. Stan has had the same two support workers for years and they have developed a mutual trust and respect for one another over the years. Roslyn has supported Stan since he first began his journey with Arcare and Jacqueline has supported Stan for approximately three years.

Born in Bathurst, New South Wales, Stan moved to Melbourne with his family when he was just one year old. Stan was the youngest of three children with two older sisters.

The family lived in Newport, a Melbourne suburb that has significantly changed since Stan’s family first moved there. Stan remembers dirt roads, farms with cattle and sheep, and hunting wild rabbits. The family ate a lot of rabbit and chicken as they also raised chickens in the back yard. Stan remembers his mother saving the feathers to put into pillows. Perhaps Stan’s upbringing has contributed to his love of good food and his amazing culinary skills.

Stan mainly worked as a maintenance fitter and welder. He has always had a passion for carpentry and is very creative. He used to make furniture to order. His clients would give him a design and measurements of a particular piece of furniture that they wanted and he would make it for them.

Stan has never given up his carpentry work and continues to potter around his home and garage making and fixing things. His home and garage are so interesting with things that he has made and mementos from the past.

Luckily Stan is well supported by his family. He has two children and four step children who often assist him with some gardening and home maintenance tasks. Sometimes they work on things together, and sometimes he leaves the heavy stuff to them while he cooks up a hearty meal for everyone to have after the work is done.

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