13 March 2020

Stimulating art classes with John at Arcare Springwood

Art therapy is one of the ways Physio Aid John is ensuring the clients have an engaging and stimulating lifestyle at Arcare Springwood.

These art classes are a new addition to the monthly lifestyle activities calendar and the clients are loving it.

A few of the clients who participate in the classes used to be art teachers and some are also art enthusiasts.

John introduced it as a way of hand therapy and mental stimulation, especially in the way he encourages the clients to express their creativity.

When facing health issues or moving into aged care, some clients may give up on their personal interests, passions and hobbies.

However, when they pick up the paintbrush and start painting again, they can regain their ability to paint beautiful images or potentially unlock a new hobby.

From speaking to the clients and them sharing their experiences with us, many will tell you that art inspires them and gives new meaning to their lives.

Here at Arcare Springwood, we believe that anyone and everyone can be creative, as long as they give it a try and have fun while doing it.

And we hope to bring back memories of joy for the clients while enabling them to uncover any hidden talents.

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