30 April 2020

Strut your stuff

On Tuesday 21st April, Arcare Malvern East team member, Jocelyn thought she would help bring some much needed joy and laughter into the community by hosting a Fancy Dress Fashion Parade.

Gathering up as many team members as she could, Jocelyn asked them to find and wear fancy dress to the afternoon’s Fashion Parade in the Ritz lounge.

Several team members showed up wearing a range of fancy dress including traditional cultural garments.

A crowd of clients gathered in the lounge, as they waited to watch the beloved team members strut their stuff on the Malvern East catwalk.

The clients cheered as each team members showed off their beautiful outfits. Maintenance man, Mark even dressed up for the occasion, wearing his best suit to strut his stuff in. Laughter erupted as Mark did a comical and goofy walk, poking fun at a supermodel’s walk.

The community had a wonderful afternoon, and Jocelyn is already looking forward to running other fun community events in the future.