22 August 2019

Suzanna and Ankit’s love story as childhood sweethearts

Suzanna is a clinical lead at Arcare Hope Island and this is her love story.

Suzanna met the love of her life Ankit while they were both at school and now, they have been together for over 13 years.

Yes, they are childhood sweethearts!

As they returned to their hometowns in India to have their wedding, Suzanna explained that their wedding was a perfect example of two faiths coming together in love.

They had two weddings – one in the Hindu tradition and the other in the Catholic tradition.

The bride and the groom also wore two gorgeously different traditional and modern wedding outfits that were very bright in colour.

In Indian weddings, there is no such thing as not enough colour! As they say, brighter and bolder is better as it very normal to be dressed in vibrant colours and eye-catching jewellery.

From looking at the photos, you can see that during the wedding ceremony, Suzanna went through a Mehandi Ceremony where floral henna patterns are applied to the hands of the bride.

Besides looking like beautiful hand adornments, the meaning of the henna depends on the designs and the placement.

For example, the peacock symbolises beauty in Indian culture, flowers and petals symbolise pure happiness and joy, and vines and leaves often represent devotion and vitality, and are commonly done at weddings.

The whole wedding was a 5-day saga filled with lots of fun and partying. It’s definitely not like a Western wedding at all!

Suzanna has graciously provided us with details and photos of her wedding with the hopes of enriching everyone about her Indian culture.

Other interesting facts about India:

India is made up of different religions, and it owes its vibrant energy to the various groups. People from the various sects and religions come together to share their happiness and build a nation that is colourful and traditional. There are hundreds of festivals, events and observations being celebrated every year, including Diwali, Iftar and Ramadan.

Love is the most indispensable ingredient of a good family life, but respect for elder happens to be the soul of all families. In India, younger brothers respect their elder brothers as their fathers and hence the cycle of real family life continues.

India is blessed with a broad range of flora and fauna, which give their traditions a lot more meaning while in the region. Hindus in India, worship cows like their mothers. They bow down to them and pray for the well-being of their families. Apart of all, a peacock is their national bird and tiger is their national animal. People are very generous towards animals and cattle.

India has a very diverse culture. There are five major religions practiced in the country: Hinduism (predominantly), Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Moreover, there are thousands of unique traditions and philosophies local to different cities and villages.

India is one of the famous countries for its ancient culture and tradition. I and many others believe that in your lifetime you must and should visit India to experience the arts and the lifestyle of Indians that will inevitably transform the way you think of life.

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