11 February 2020

The green thumbs

The green thumbs at Arcare Sydenham have united to form the residence’s gardening club. The group meets most days, and their latest mission has been to brighten and redesign part of their community’s courtyard.

“I always looked after my garden at home, so this comes naturally to me.” Client, Victor said.

The group have been working tirelessly to improve the residence’s main courtyard. Determined to brighten up the space, the group of three men, have been working very hard to design an inviting and tranquil garden space.

Selecting the plants, soil and even fertiliser, the group have been instrumental in reinvigorating environment and overall atmosphere of the garden.

Sydenham lifestyle coordinator, Victoria witnessed the group of green thumbs on their mission and said, “This project has given them all purpose, it has been truly wonderful to see. We hope that their enthusiasm continues, and that passion of gardening remains for a long time.”

Always keen to get involved and lend a hand, the gardening group always like to keep busy. If they aren’t working on maintaining the garden, they are making slight alterations to it or finding other projects around the residence.

Client, Edwin said, “The garden gives me a reason to get in the morning. I will often get up around 5am to go and water the plants. I love to keep busy.”

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