6 May 2019

Sydney City scenes

Arcare Glenhaven clients recently enjoyed the scenes and sun rays of Sydney city on their latest bus trip.

The Harbour Bridge and Opera House was amongst the many other popular scenes of the city admired on their day out.

Clients found the drive into the city just as interesting as what they found when they got there, as much has changed over the years.

Everyone hopped off the bus to enjoy the sun and spectacular views.

The view of city and sky rise buildings prompted discussions about the amount of change there has been in the city since they have been there.

Minchul shared his memories of the flat landscape and architecture of the area from back when he used to visit in his youth.

Green park lands and one-story buildings are limited in today’s cityscape.

Other clients have memories of partying; still a very popular theme of Sydney.

‘I used to travel to my family’s house near the Harbour Bridge for New Year’s Eve parties,’ said Ralfe.

Viewing the fireworks in Sydney Harbour on New Year’s is something everyone has done; whether in person or by the ‘telly’.

Clients spent the afternoon enjoying snacks and sharing their stories of the ever-changing Sydney city.

Some had worked in the city, others partied.

And this trip was yet another memory to add to their list!

Also to mention, they loved being by the ocean once again, feeling the sea breeze as they soaked up the sun.

When Ralfe was asked how the bus trip was upon their return, he shared with her, ‘That was the best trip I have been on yet; it brought back so many memories.’

Every chance to reminisce, is also a chance for the team and clients to learn about they very unique lives of each other – and this was definitely a trip to remember.

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven City Scenes

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven City Scenes
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