3 February 2020

Tea lover’s morning tea at Arcare North Shore

Attention all tea lovers! Arcare North Shore hosted its very first tea lover’s morning tea!

A highly anticipated event, clients were more than excited to try some exotic teas.

With 16 different types of teas available for everyone to sample, we were all spoiled for choice.

‘Give me any type of tea to try! I love them all!’ client Ingrid Szandro said.

As the day went on, we found out that the most popular flavours were ‘Super Berries’ and ‘Ginger Peach’ tea.

Client Violet Cox commented, ‘That ‘Ginger Peach Tea was sooo good!’

Another crowd favourite was classic English Breakfast tea.

The clients just had to have one!

There were also a few samples that raised some eyebrows, such as the ‘Chocolate Super Berry Burst’ and ‘Spiced Red Fruits’.

To accompany the tasting of the teas, our very talented Chef prepared some delicious scones paired with the fluffiest cream and the sweetest jam.

Between delicious mouthfuls of scones and sips of tea, the conversation could not have been sweeter.

The aromas of the fragrant tea leaves filled the foyer with decadent scents of flowers, leaves and spice.

‘That was a lovely morning,’ client Eileen Sondergeld shared.

Tasting different teas enables the clients to reminisce about the great times they have had when they tried something new.

And there was definitely a lot of excitement going around the room when a new tea flavour was being introduced.

Overall, the morning was a great success with many clients boasting about their amazing tea lover’s morning tea.


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