13 October 2020

Learning to be tech savvy with iPads from the Lions Club to Arcare Parkinson

Arcare Parkinson has recently partnered with their local Lions Club to provide more opportunities for the clients to connect digitally.

A local contact of Regional Client Services Manager Alwyn had actually reached out to the club about donating tablets to the residents and they agreed to do so.

The ten tablets arrived just the other day and excitement is already buzzing in the air as the clients discuss how they will be making the most of the tablets.

Lionel was a member of the Stafford Lions club for 32 years and he is very excited to use the iPad to keep in touch with his family.

While ex-librarian Judy is keen to read books and research interesting topics on the iPad.

She has never used an iPad before but is looking forward to the challenge.

‘I think it will be good to keep my mind active with this tablet and I can speak to my family more often,’ Judy said.

Shirley has also never used one before, but when she was presented with the opportunity to learn, she confidently said, ‘You are never too old to learn!’.

Sonia, who was President of the Burleigh Heads Lions club for two years and zone chairperson for six clubs, said that she looks forward to gathering more inspiration for her craft ideas and to keeping in touch with her family.

‘Having more iPads in the residence will be very beneficial to the residents. We can use them for our lifestyle activities and keep the clients active by playing digital games, doing quizzes, Googling places to travel to and play music that they enjoy listening to, the list goes on,’

‘But most importantly, it will assist those who are missing their families to spend more time with them, even if it’s through video call.’ Lifestyle Co-ordinator Jodie shared.

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