28 June 2019

The Challenge Expo

Last term, Year 9 students from Kilvington Grammar visited the Arcare Carnegie community on a weekly basis, as a part of their school’s community volunteer program.

The students were challenged by their school to complete a project that would positively engage and represent the wider community.

As well as volunteering their time at the residence, the students decided to record and share the wonderful and intricate stories of the clients at Carnegie.

Guided by lifestyle coordinator, Lou, the students began documenting the life stories of several enthusiastic clients.

After extensive research and interviews, the students decided to focus their projects on the stories and lives of two particular clients, Maurice and David.

The students presented their project at the ‘Challenge Expo Evening’ at Kilvington Grammar. Maurice and David were very proud to be in attendance and witness the hard-work of all the students, whom they had formed close bonds with over their time together.

On the night, Maurice and David enjoyed interacting with the students and were fascinated by the digital presentation that the students had created to represent their stories.

The ‘Challenge Expo’ program will continue next term, with a new group of students taking on the challenge. Arcare Carnegie enjoyed the experience so much this term, that they will be partnering again Kilvington Grammar on their journey.

Arcare Aged Care Carnegie Students 1
Arcare Aged Care Carnegie Students 2

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