30 April 2018

The fight to eradicate polio

Dalice Dalton, daughter of Alice Dalton, gave an incredible talk to the Point Lonsdale Community about her recent volunteer trip to India.

Dalice volunteered with Rotary who, in conjunction with the Indian Government, held a National Immunization Day on the 28th January 2018.

This trip involved volunteers from around the world setting up manned immunization booths plus organised visits to homes, schools and orphanages with the aim of immunizing 173 million children under five.

This would minimize the risk of the Polio virus returning from countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

For Dalice, who contracted polio as an infant in the 1950s, the campaign is incredibly important.

You could almost hear a pin drop while she explained the work of Rotary in trying to eradicate polio from every country in the world.

At Dalice’s stall alone on the immunization day, 250 children were immunized.

Well done on your selfless efforts Dalice, and thank you for sharing your story with our community.

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