2 June 2020

“To make them happy, makes me happy” – Vita, volunteer

“To make them happy, makes me happy

Arcare Eight Mile Plains is very fortunate to have the support of a kind and generous volunteer team that gives their time willingly to bring reliable companionship to residents. One such volunteer is Vita Piazza who has loyally served at Eight Mile Plains since 2002.

Born in Sicily, Italy, Vita, her parents and siblings immigrated to Brisbane, Australia in 1957 when Vita was 13 years old. They joined thousands of European migrants to move to Australia after World War II, in search of new opportunities.

After finishing her schooling in Brisbane at the age of 15 years, Vita commenced a job in sewing with Triumph International. Vita married the love of her life, Salvatore in 1966 and they soon welcomed a son and daughter.

Vita has always supported her local community and is very happy to help anyone in need. ‘I never got my driver’s licence, so I couldn’t go far’, Vita says modestly, but we know she has a heart of gold. ‘I like people and can converse with anyone, regardless of their religion, age or nationality.’

In 2002, Vita was at her local shopping centre when she overheard some older ladies speaking in Italian. Curious, she went over to have a conversation with them and asked where they live. The ladies told her they lived at a local aged care residence called ‘The White House’.

Vita wondered if they needed volunteers, so she approached the Lifestyle Coordinator to apply. This was the beginning of a long and happy association, which continues today. One resident has been at Eight Mile Plains since Vita commenced volunteering.

In 2008, Arcare acquired the premises and named the residence ‘Arcare Eight Mile Plains’. To this day, Vita continues her volunteering twice a week to conduct a discussion group on the daily newspaper and to have a laugh with the residents over their weekly trivia.

Volunteering is my joyful contribution to the residents. I’m always very happy to go and see them. To make them happy makes me happy.’

Arcare is extremely grateful for all your contributions, Vita. From all of us, sincerely, thank you.

Written by Margaret Furlong, Volunteer Coordinator at Arcare


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