1 October 2020

Translated Bulletins

Recently Marg Furlong and her wonderful volunteers expanded their talents to translate their Daily Bulletins into six languages – Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, German and Spanish – to cater to those residents who prefer to read something in their native language.

Arcare Surrey Hills resident, Cristina was delighted to receive and read the Italian version, and wanted to show her thanks by posing with a “Grazie Mille Volontari”(Thanks a lot volunteers) sign.

Surrey Hills resident and polyglot, José, speaks fluent English and Italian, as well as his native Spanish, and he now looks forward to reading the Daily Bulletins in all three languages each day!

He especially enjoys sharing the Spanish edition with Lifestyle Assistant, Daniele, who studied the language many years ago and now also looks forward to her daily “lesson” with Jose and the Daily Bulletins!

José was so moved the first time he read the Spanish issue, and he is shown below in the Café, emotionally expressing his thanks with his “Muchas Gracias Voluntarios” (Thank-you very much volunteers) sign.

Arcare Aged Care Surrey Hills Translated Bulletins

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