28 August 2019

Trip down memory lane with Arcare North Lakes EKKA celebrations

In celebration of the Brisbane city EKKA show holiday, our clients at Arcare North Lakes had a day to remember.

The Lifestyle team ordered special EKKA foods for the occasion.

There were dagwood dogs and hot chips with tomato sauce for everyone, followed by traditional strawberry ice cream in a cone.

One of the clients said, “. Oh, Dagwood dogs! I haven’t had one of those for years!”.

There were lots of ‘mmmm’ sounds heard around the dining rooms as clients were gobbling up the strawberry ice creams.

Team members also set up game stations for clients to have enjoy themselves and some fun.

One of the games included throwing balls into hoops to score a sweet prize of fairy floss, musk sticks and jelly treats.

Time went by so quickly as everyone ate the delicious EKKA treats and socialised over games.

No one was ready to return to their rooms after such an eventful day!

The EKKA celebration at Arcare North Lakes was a success as clients were able to share their memories of taking their own children to the Brisbane show.

They also shared how much things have changed and how things used to be. It certainly was a joyful trip down memory lane.

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