18 February 2016

Valerie’s hometown visit

Valerie’s wish was to visit Toowoomba, her hometown, ‘one last time.’ Turning this wish into a reality, the Arcare Eight Mile Plains Community put a lot of effort and planning into organising a memorable trip for Valerie.

Valerie and Elaine both used to live in Toowoomba and their excitement to go back was contagious. There were ten in the group all together who set off bright and early. Despite the long trip, the journey was fun as everyone talked, sang and laughed the entire way.

Valerie couldn’t contain her smile when the group came into Toowoomba, ‘it’s so good to be coming back and seeing all the familiar things,’ she said. Everyone set off to Picnic Point for (appropriately) a picnic, before heading off in the direction of the street Valerie grew up on.

It was a very moving experience for Valerie to visit the place which held many of her childhood memories. ‘I’m glad that the people that live there have looked after it,’ she said.

The journey home held as much laughter and chatter as the way there, plus a minor detour to McDonald’s for ice cream.

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