29 August 2019

Veronica’s 100th Birthday Spectacular

It’s not every day that you get to celebrate your 100th birthday but for one of our lucky Arcare Glenhaven clients Veronica, she was able to share this special milestone with not only the Arcare team and residents but 25 family members from around the world.

To mark this special occasion, the team at Glenhaven organised an entertainer to perform all of Veronica’s favourite songs as she dearly loves music.

As all the family are musically talented, they each took turns in getting up and preforming one of Veronicas favourite songs and to everyone’s delight, Veronica even preformed two of her favourite songs.

All the Arcare clients were blown away by the sheer amount of talent in just one family, one resident commented “it’s like watching a talent show, they are all so amazing”.

Many of the on watchers thought it was so extraordinary to see how close and supportive one family could be, it was very evident to see how much they all love and care for each other especially Veronica.

Due to all the fun the entire facility was having, the event ran an hour overtime as the family members kept taking turns performing different songs even after the entertainer had left, it was so entertaining that the other residents from Glenhaven didn’t want to leave for lunch.

One client said, “I have never met Veronica before but after today I feel as if I am a part of her family.”

Veronica was smiling the entire event and it brought so much warmth to the hearts of all the staff, residents and family.

Happy 100th Birthday Veronica!

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