16 December 2019

Cycling virtually around the world

In December, the Arcare Surrey Hills community trialled a virtual reality cycling program.

The program enabled to clients to cycle around the world and view a range of wondrous landmarks. To move around, the program prompted clients to get active and pedal with their feet, using a mini pedal exerciser.

Every client who attended the demonstration was offered the opportunity to have a go. Client, Antoinette was first to put her hand up to have a go, as she was fascinated by how the technology worked. Although in a wheelchair, Antoinette would not let her mobility hold her back, pedalling with all her might. Antoinette was amazed and couldn’t get over that her feet were powering and moving her around the London Zoo.

“I want one for my suite!” Antoinette said with a smile.

After watching Antoinette pedal like she was competing in the Tour de France, several other clients were inspired to try the program out. Antoinette continued to prompt others to get involved, saying “It’s not hard!”

Clients spent the afternoon riding around places such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge and Wailing Wall in Israel, with many clients complimenting how realistic the program was.

Lifestyle coordinator, Monique agreed, joking, “All we need now, is a wind machine and you would feel like your actually cycling around the world.”

It was surprising how fast some clients pedalled, as they were eager to see the sights.

“It’s a good way to see the city and what’s going on, as well as getting some exercise.” Client, Gladys said.

Everyone was exhausted by the afternoon’s end, however everyone, including the residence’s physiotherapist agreed that the virtual cycling program should be added into their regular exercise routines and Armchair Travels lifestyle program.

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