18 June 2020

A visit from the Royal Majesty and her corgis at Arcare Springwood

At the beginning of June, clients at Arcare Springwood celebrated the Queen’s birthday with a special guest – the Royal Majesty herself!

Prior to the event, clients received an exclusive invitation to the English-style lunch with the option of a pie floater or bangers and mash.

The pie floater was a delightful surprise as they enjoyed digging into a beef pie served on top of a green pea soup.

Following lunch, the Chef and his team had prepared good ol’ bread and butter pudding – a traditional favourite among the clients.

While they were enjoying their meal, the clients were greeted with a special visit from Lizzy, with the sounds of trumpets announcing her arrival in the dining room.

Riding on her hobby horse straight from Balmoral, accompanied by her three corgis, Lizzy was a sight to behold in her satin scarf and pearl necklace.

All the clients were dressed in their best to meet her Majesty and they enjoyed taking photos with her to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The whole day was filled with celebrations of the Queen’s birthday as clients gathered together before lunch with their Harrods bears and reminisced on the Queen’s coronation in 1953.

The clients were also very much looking forward to the celebrations that in the week before, the craft group designed crowns with precious gemstones of all colors.

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