5 July 2019

Viva Las Vegas

In July, the Arcare Keysborough community celebrated in style, with a Viva Las Vegas afternoon.

The party enabled the clients to show off their bling and finest ‘razzle dazzle’ outfits.

On such a cold, winter’s day, the clients had dancing, delicious food, singing and a cheeky wine or two, to keep them warm.

Personal support worker, Peter enjoyed getting clients up off their feet to show off his signature dance moves with. Peter regularly puts on 1950’s dance concerts, as per the clients’ requests.

95-year old client, Fred said he thought he would never dance again in his old age. However after much encouragement from team members and the crowd, Fred got up and headed towards the dancefloor.

Elvis’ rock n roll music played, while Fred and his wife, Loris tore up the dancefloor. The crowd cheered as Fred smiled from ear to ear.

Fred is very conscious of maintaining his fitness, and he likes to attend every exercise class along with Loris. It was truly great to see, how Fred’s determination and hard-work with his exercise regime has enabled him to dance again with his wife. Well done!

Arcare Aged Care Keysborough 01072019 Photo 1
Arcare Aged Care Keysborough 01072019 Photo 2

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