11 January 2019


The men’s woodwork group at Arcare Knox have been busy chipping away, painting and sanding; creating beautiful wooden toys for various Melbourne children’s charities.

For two weekly participants, Max and Ron, the group has been particularly special as they have both had past experience in woodworking.

Max has been a woodworker for years. One afternoon he told the group how he secured an internship as a woodworker. He had been walking through the city as a young boy and stopped to look at one particular store which had beautiful wood carvings displayed in the window. Seeing his interest, the shop owner came out and asked if he would like an internship, which he eagerly accepted.

Max has made many wooden items over the years. Among his favourites are a set of working wooden scales and a harp.

Ron dabbled in woodwork when he was younger but he has enjoyed getting back into it recently. He said it was like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it completely.

‘I am enjoying it a lot more than I expected,’ Ron commented.

Lifestyle coordinator Jacqueline commented, ‘The men have been teaching me a thing or two about woodwork and have been very patient with me.’


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