30 August 2019

World explores

You’re never too old to learn something new about the world.

The World Explores program at Arcare Knox is designed to encourage clients to learn something new every session, about a certain country or culture.

The lifestyle team generally start off the session by guiding the topic and providing the clients with learning resources. Clients are then encouraged to share their own knowledge and stories about the country. The clients information can be derived from a visit to the country, random knowledge and/or their own heritage and experiences.

Many clients feel a great sense of pride when they can openly share and discuss their culture, their country’s history and their own experiences living or visiting a particular country.

The group will discuss the country’s history, geography, culture, art, landmarks and other significant facts during the session.

Client, Bruce said, “It’s such an interesting program; made me feel like I was there.”

Lifestyle coordinator, Leanne explained, “The program is designed to engage and support our clients that come from a variety of cultures and countries from around the world. This programs helps them open up, and share the stories and information that they have. It’s great, that we can celebrate our clients, their countries and backgrounds, as well as learn something new.”

The focus country for August was Italy. Many Italian clients had the opportunity to share their knowledge and life stories with the group, with clients’ family members being invited to also join in.

Client, Lucia and her daughter were involved in the program in August, and they both felt very proud to be able to share a part of their heritage. Lucia’s daughter saying, “This is such a wonderful thing for my mum to be a part of and enjoy.”

The lifestyle team have already started taking requests for future focus countries, as clients are eager to share what they know.

“It was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to see where we will explore next.” Client, Carmen said.

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