13 February 2020

World Pizza Day

World Pizza Day is internationally celebrated on 9th February.

To recognise the international ‘holiday’ and to celebrate their general love of pizza, the Arcare Sydenham community threw a huge pizza making party.

Over 35 clients were keen to be involved and celebrate the trivial holiday, with many joking, saying “I’m just here because I love pizza.”

However only four clients put up their hands, to actually be involved in the cooking process, with the rest, merely enjoying supervising, taste-tasting and smelling the overwhelming aroma that the pizza emitted.

Jessie, May, Pam and Margaret did a wonderful job to satisfy these 35 very hungry clients. While waiting for the pizzas to cook and come out of the oven, the group decided to start a singalong to some of their favourite songs. Of course the most infamous Pizza related song was sung with great enthusiasm, “Some salami and zucchini and a lots of mozzarella…”

It was a beautiful day, and the smiles of the clients faces spoke volumes; it was the simple pleasure of comfort food and great company.

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