10 January 2020

Years of advice

What advice would you want to pass onto the younger generation of today?

Would you tell them to seize every moment;

Have no regrets;

Make sure to eat all of your vegetables;

or would you tell them to respect and listen to their elders?


The Arcare Carnegie community were posed this very question, by their lifestyle team in early January 2020.

Clients were asked to reflect on their life experiences to come up with the advice that they would not only give to the younger generation, but to their younger selves.

“Oh god, that was a long time ago!” One client joked, as she tried to think back.

The group activity prompted the clients to discuss and share key moments and experiences from their lives. Many of the stories told, helped clarify the advice given to the rest of the group.

Client, Gwen spent several moments pondering the advice she would give, before telling the lifestyle team that the best advice was to ‘stay stable’. However Gwen clarified that better advice to her younger self would’ve been to, “Give your advice to [stay stable to] others and stick to it…”. Gwen laughed.

After Gwen’s comment, the activity then took a turn, with clients beginning to seriously reflect on the things they would have done differently and the things they got right over the years.

“How the times have changed, since we were younger.” One client mused, with many sighing in agreement.

The Arcare Carnegie community thoroughly enjoyed passing on their wisdom and advice, with many requesting for their work to be framed and displayed around the residence. As the activity was such a hit, the lifestyle team are already planning to complete another reflective session, with the next big question being, ‘What was the best thing you did, growing up?’.

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