2 August 2021

The Basketballer’s Biggest Fans

Since moving into Arcare Cheltenham, residents Maria and Helen have become the best of friends.

“We live down the hall from one another, so we’re like neighbours.” Helen said. “One day we just got to chatting while sitting at lunch, and that was that, we’ve been friends ever since.” 

“We go to coffee downstairs at the café almost everyday together. We spend hours chatting.” Maria chimed in.

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do at Arcare. Arcare’s Relationship-First Approach recognises the value of the interdependent relationships between residents, team members, volunteers and family members. Our communities priortise building, nurturing and supporting a multitude of relationships through ongoing, consistent and meaningful interactions.

Team members are supported to get to know residents and their families through Arcare’s Dedicated Assignments model. The Dedicated Assignments model ensures that consistency is maintained for residents, requiring team members to commit to work regular shifts with the exact same small group of residents, every time they come to work.

Arcare Cheltenham team member, Sean supports and cares for both Maria and Helen. Working in the Environmental team, Sean is responsible for delivering high-quality laundry service to residents and ensuring cleanliness to the building, all the while delivering customer service in a caring manner.

“Sean looks after our laundry and does a great job.” Helen said.

Over time working closely with Maria and Helen, Sean has developed a close friendship with the pair. Outside of work, Sean is a Dandenong Rangers basketball player. The ladies enjoy chatting to Sean about his passion for basketball, and always love hearing about how his games went.

“One day I had a chat with him, asking what he does outside of work, and we then got onto his basketball. It was so interesting to hear all about his life and basketball career outside of Arcare.” Helen said.

“It’s during these moments that Sean and our residents get to know each other well and establish a great friendship.” Arcare Cheltenham Residence Manager, Dexter Pedro said.  

In April, Sean invited Maria and Helen to watch in him play at Dandenong Stadium; their first ever basketball game.

The ladies were incredibly excited to finally see Sean’s basketball skills in action. Sean gave Helen and Maria the VIP treatment, arranging for his parents to accompany them to the game, and ensuring they got front row seats.

Although Sean’s team lost the game that night, in Helen and Maria’s eyes, they were winners all the way. Sean is hoping to invite the ladies out to another game in future.

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