22 February 2021

Blacksmith volunteers at Arcare Caulfield

Through Arcare’s relationship first approach, residents are not only able to form deep and meaningful connections with team members, but also with members of the local community.

Arcare’s volunteering program encourages community members to give back by donating their time, skills, compassion, empathy and ears to listen. The Volunteer program matches volunteers with roles and activities that suit their strengths and abilities, with some volunteers choosing to help run a range of engaging activities for the residents such as bingo, art class and more.

Over at Arcare Caulfield, the ‘Men’s Club’ is led by volunteer Ronnie, who is a skilled blacksmith by trade.

Ronnie has been volunteering at Arcare Caulfield for a number of years, and enjoys being able to engage with the residents.

During one of the community’s most recent Men’s Group meetings, Ronnie chose to host a blacksmithing demonstration for all the men. Displaying some of his most prized blacksmithing projects, Ronnie gave a thorough presentation on how each item was made.

The residents were fascinated by Ronnie’s trade and work, regularly asking questions throughout the presentation.

After the presentation, Ronnie took a hands on approach, encouraging the men to help him craft a metal sunflower ornament for the community garden. Utilising the residents expertise and wealth of knowledge, Ronnie and the men spent hours working together to craft the metal sunflower, and in the end, they were all incredibly proud of their work.

Are you interested in volunteering in your community? Find out about local opportunities at an Arcare near you.