22 January 2021

Four generations of the Miller family at Arcare North Shore

Resident Doreen in our Arcare North Shore community was lost for words today as she met her great granddaughter, baby April for the first time.

April who was born on the 31st of December 2020 made the very special trip to see her great grandmother, accompanied by her mother Kirsty Roebuck and grandmother Kerry Roebuck.

Doreen shared with us that having four generations of her family in one room really was astounding and was such a beautiful experience.

“What a perfect way to start off the year – seeing my great granddaughter! How lucky am I?”.

Even team members of Arcare North Shore were swept away by baby April’s visit as they cooed sweetly over the child.

Doreen and the Arcare Community look forward to seeing April grow and for Doreen’s family to blossom.