17 June 2022

Music Therapist at Arcare Glenhaven – Ben

How long have you played guitar?

I have played guitar since I was about 12, I was always involved in music at school.

How did you get into Music Therapy?

In school, I didn’t want to be a music teacher but I wanted to do something with music. I completed my Bachelor of Music in 2015 and Masters in Music Therapy in 2017. I have been involved in Music Therapy ever since.

Who are some of your musical influences?

My whole family is musically talented. Dad was always in a band in the 70’s, Mum is a very talented  singer. I like to listen to Eric Clapton & Dire Straights, as I get older I am focusing more on the individual performers like Jimmy Haslip & Todd Rundgren & Kurt Rosenwinkel are some of my favourite musical influencers.

Why Aged Care?

I really enjoy the interactions and connections that Music has with the elderly and aging population. Music is such a great tool to break the ice and really get to know people. I find they really appreciate the time I spend singing and playing songs just for them.

What are your goals for the future?

Working as a professional in Aged care has brought many great experiences and helped form my music career thus far. I have recently completed my Masters in Public Health and want to continue in a volunteer capacity in another area like Hostels to help connect more people with music.