3 February 2021

Random Act of Kindness for Margaret at Arcare Hope Island

This story was told by Margaret Redler and transcribed by Allison Ferguson

Resident Margaret Redler enjoys sitting out the front of our Arcare Hope Island residence watching the world go by.

Occasionally, passersby will stop for a chat and on one particular day, Margaret was sitting under the shade of our beautiful trees when a big black car drove past slowly and pulled into the driveway.

A young lady got out and presented Margaret with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Bewildered, Margaret asked why and the young lady simply stated, “You are a gorgeous lady and it gives me a wonderful feeling to do something for others.”

As they talked, the young lady shared that she was from South Africa, which Margaret responded by saying that one of her daughters lives in Kenya.

After chatting for a while, the young lady asked if she could come back another time to continue their conversation.

When the young lady left, Margaret was in shock thinking why a total stranger would give her flowers.

Emily, one of our Hope Island team members noticed the flowers and asked Margaret about them.

Margaret explained what had happen and still could not understand why someone would just give her flowers.

Emily shared that sometimes, people just enjoy doing Random Acts of Kindness for others, especially in light of the current situation.

Margaret was so excited and grateful about receiving the flowers that she had great pleasure in telling other team members about her unforgettable experience.

“Receiving these flowers from a total stranger has made my day and put the biggest smile on my face,” Margaret commented.