1 February 2021

Summer Sunflowers

Over at Arcare Cheltenham, the community have been watching the sunflowers grow. Donated by team member, Liz, the small sunflowers were planted in one of the community’s central courtyards for everyone to enjoy.

Not only do they look delightful, but according to a recent research study in Sage journals, ‘Overall, the results showed that older adults who took part in numerous gardening-related activities reported that they obtained psychological, social and physical benefits from these; in addition, the more time spent in these activities, the more benefits accrued for participants.’

Arcare Cheltenham residents, Lorraine and Dot have formed a lovely friendship over the love of gardening and flowers. The pair are often seen in each other’s company in the garden and they have been both appreciating watching the beautiful sunflowers grow.

Every couple of days, the ladies make the trip to the courtyard to check on their progress and give them a water. The ladies can’t wait until the sunflowers grow to their maturity so they can take a few clippings for their suites.


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