29 June 2021

Take your dog to work day

Consistent, meaningful and committed relationships are at the heart of everything we do at Arcare. Arcare’s Relationship-First Approach informs how our communities build, support and prioritise a variety of relationships through consistent and meaningful interactions.

Arcare’s Relationship-First Approach recognises the value of the interdependent relationships between residents, team members, volunteers, family members, and sometimes even our pets.

Many Arcare residences around Australia recognise the importance of pet therapy and ongoing interactions and relationships with animals, not only for our residents, but for our team members as well.

On Friday 25th June, Arcare residences around Australia celebrated Take Your Dog To Work Day. Team members brought in their furry friends, both great and small, to interact with the community and accompany them for a day at work.

It was not only a great excuse to get endless puppy love, but it also had a number of social, mental and physical benefits for our residents and team members.

Studies have shown that dogs in the workplace can help improve stress, communication, creativity, productivity and overall happiness for team members. While pet therapy for residents has been proven to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of social isolation, and increase confidence and self-esteem among many other things.

See how some Arcare communities celebrated Take Your Dog To Work Day below…

Arcare Brighton

Arcare Cheltenham

Arcare Civic Manor

Arcare Hope Island

Meet Miss Maisy – she is Arcare Hope Island’s resident cheerleader, supporter and loyal friend, and has been bringing smiles to the clients since she was nine weeks old.
One such resident is Margaret Redler, who used to stay in her room and not participate in activities.
Now, Maisy sits on her wheelie walker and together, they go around the residence meeting people and catching up with friends.
‘I have had dogs all my life… it was a great loss not to have my dogs around. Now, Maisy is my world and so precious to me,’ Margaret shared.

Arcare Knox

Lifestyle Coordinator, Lee brought in her 10-year-old Golden Retriever, Billy to visit the Knox community. Billy accompanied Lee to all of the lifestyle activities, including one of the community’s favourites, Word Games.

Billy of course stole focus from the games, with residents getting distracted by pats and cuddles.

However this wasn’t Billy’s first time visiting the Arcare Knox community. His friendly, furry face is a familiar one, coming into work with Lee on a regular basis.

Arcare Nirvana

For the past few years, Lifestyle Coordinator, Delia has been bringing in her Brittany Spaniel, Raffy into work with her at Arcare Nirvana.

Raffy has become a familiar and friendly face around the community, with Delia has been bringing many residents referring to him as “Our Raffy”.

“The residents are very comfortable with him, he brings a smile to their faces when he enters their room and they happy to let him get comfortable on their beds ,just they they used to let their own dogs do that at home.” Delia said.

Everyone looks forward to Raffy coming to visit, especially resident, Beryl. Although Beryl spends a majority of her time in her suite, but she always knows from the schedule, which days Raffy is coming in and she eagerly awaits his visits.

“Raffy brings a very calming atmosphere. The residents enjoy chatting to each other about him and reminiscing about the dogs they used to have.” Delia said.

Arcare Portarlington

Arcare Portarlington General Services Manager, Katie regularly brings in her dog, ‘Jadz’ to work with her. Jadz started coming in most days during the 2020 COVID lockdown, to provide some comfort to the residents and team members.

“Jadz seems to have a calming effect on residents.” Katie said.

Jadz is now as much a part of the team, and has formed very strong bonds with many of the Portarlington residents, especially resident, Kevin.

“Jadz always comes by to say good morning to Kevin. She can’t start the day without seeing him.Kevin really lights up when he see Jadz.” Katie said.

“[Jadz] knows where my room is now!” Kevin added with a laugh.

Arcare Reservoir

“Guido has dementia and has a soft personality. When Millie comes to visit, he purposely makes his way to her always smiling. He spends a lot of time patting her and gets very talkative and open, which is so lovely to see. She reminds him of the dogs he had and it’s a very beautiful connection because Millie always wants to see him too. They go for a supported stroll together and enjoy each other’s company,” Arcare Reservoir Residence Manager and Millie’s mum, Georgette said.

As well as being a joy to be around, Georgette also mentioned that, “There is a therapeutic quality that dog visits bring for residents who may have diverse neurological abilities.”

Arcare Seven Hills

Pippi the Cocker Spaniel is getting endless pats and cuddles from residents in our Arcare Seven Hills community.
Enrolled Nurse Elysse brings Pippi in at least once a week and Pippi certainly brings a smile to everyone’s faces wherever she goes.
Pippi is now an honourary resident in Jupiter, our Dementia community as she has a very special spot reserved in the lounge for her.
“She’s so warm and cuddly, I could just hug her all day,” Delma said.

Arcare Springwood

General Services Manager Amie Harrison brings in her poodle-terrier Dolly every Thursday.

LS Debbie and Lacey bring Dolly around to different residents and some of them even have photos of Dolly in their suites.

“There are so many residents that love a visit from Dolly” Lifestyle Coordinator Debbie said.