15 November 2021

Wedding Bells at Arcare Brighton

You could hear wedding bells chiming at Arcare Brighton, as family member Brigette Taylor and Paul Williams tied the knot on Wednesday 10th November.

The couple were surrounded by their close friends and family members, including Brigette’s 92-year-old mum, Daphne Stegler who resides at the Arcare Brighton residence.

“When a wedding was proposed, Paul came up with the idea to get married at Arcare Brighton, so that mum could be part of the celebration, and it would give her something to look forward to. Mobility is an issue for her these days also, so we thought why not bring the wedding to her!” Brigette says.

Brigette and Paul have been together for 14 years, having met in the small Gippsland coastal town of Wonthaggi. Paul is originally from Wales, with his mother Jean and the rest of his family still residing over there. The couple say that “Family is everything and there’s no-one quite like your mum and dad.”

“2020 and 2021 have been very trying times for everyone, but especially for our loved ones who live in aged care.” Brigette says.

“While we weren’t too sure that our dream wedding would be possible because of the restrictions, with the invaluable and ongoing support of the Arcare Brighton residence manager, Hersh and Lifestyle Coordinator, Lea, we were able to make this day happen.”

The Arcare Brighton team converted their craft room into an intimate five-star wedding venue for the occasion, with Lifestyle Coordinator Lea saying how ‘thrilled’ they were to be hosting their first-ever wedding at the aged care home.

Brigette and Paul’s dog Zulu was an official bridesmaid, and she was even dressed up for the occasion. Paul dressed Zulu in a satin collar with pink flowers to match Brigette’s dress. While Brigette’s mum, Daphne was a witness for the ceremony and was so ‘proud’ to watch her daughter walk down the aisle.