Prepare your home

and fill your stockings

Christmas almost always surprises. We understand it’s only November, but we can hear those sleigh bells ringing! Warming weather is always a sure sign that the Christmas season is upon us, and this year Arcare will be celebrating in style.

Join us for a day filled with holiday spirit. There will be a range of workshops, market stalls and activities available on the day for everyone to enjoy. Bring the family along and experience the best of Arcare. Scroll down to view Arcare residences that will be hosting Festive Market Days, some of our stall holders and the activities that will be held on the day.

See you there!

Stall Holders

Zac and Lexie

Soak up the charm of Zac and Lexie’s custom children clothes – handmade according to unique designs. Zac and Lexie will be displaying some of their wares in their stall at both Arcare Glenhaven and Arcare Oatlands Festive Market Days. If you’re bringing the little ones along, it’s definitely worth dropping by Zac and Lexie’s and having a look at what they have available.

All Things Bath

All Things Bath are your one-stop shop for a great bath time. With a huge range of products inspired by the best that nature has to offer, All Things Bath will blow you away with new smells and sensations. Their products are, of course, best experienced in a bath – but you’ll get a great feel for what they have to offer if you drop by their stall.

Soaps, creams, candles, salts, scrubs and bars – whatever you need to improve your bath, All Things Bath will have it.

FREE Ice Kendy

Ice Kendy has been bringing unique Filipino flavours to an Australian audience since before 2016. Fast growing in popularity, these frozen treats are bound to be the perfect solution to the warm weather that portends the coming holiday season.

Enjoy mango, lychee, strawberry-mango and other tropical fruit flavours from the Ice Kendy stand when you come along to the Festive Market Day – because there’s nothing quite as Australian as ice blocks around Christmas time!

Rush Creations

Rush Creations develop custom-made and handcrafted Swarovski crystal jewellery for the Sydney market. Their unique creations and stunning designs have captured the hearts of many, and they have grown steadily in popularity as the supplier of choice for wedding jewellery and custom jewellery creations, particularly where Swarovski crystals and pearls are concerned.

Drop by their stall on Festive Market Day and take a look at the jewellery they have on offer – you may be pleasantly surprised.


Nutrimetics boast a wide range of beauty and skincare products appropriate for men and women of all ages. They’ll be along on the day with a full range of products and samples galore.

If you’re interested in trying something new for your skin, definitely take the time to take a look at what Nutrimetics are offering.



Enter a whole new world of scents and experiences with doTerra essential oils. There will be a full range of doTerra oils on offer, with plenty of samples available for you to get an idea of the scent and effect of each kind.

Ask the doTerra representative for advice on a variety of minor ailments and get some assistance with issues such as sleeping easier.

Other Stall Holders

There will be a wide range of other stall holders attending both Festival Market Days. These stall holders include:

  • Master Crepe
  • Honey Man
  • Dollie’s Boutique
  • Handmade by Sue
  • Sparkling Treasures
  • Carlito’s Handmade Soaps
  • Scarlette Rose’s Bathsalts
  • Arbonne
  • Mobile Mummies
  • LipScense

Arcare Oatlands

Come along to the Arcare Oatlands Festive Market Day and join us for a day of relaxation and celebration. There will be plenty on offer or all, including free wreath-making workshops, market stalls, and free ice blocks!

  • 23 Prindle St, Oatlands
  • Saturday, November 24th
  • Starting: 9am
  • Parking available
  • No ATM on-site

Arcare Glenhaven

Arcare Glenhaven will be opening its doors for a Festive Market Day in early December. On offer will be pet portraits, specialty donuts, embroidered gifts, imported African scarves, a wide range of succulents and much more! With a wide variety of vendors exhibiting their wares, there’s bound to be something here for everyone.

  • 93 Glenhaven Rd, Glenhaven
  • Saturday, December 1st
  • Starting: 9am
  • Parking available
  • No ATM on-site

Getting There

We will be hosting Festive Market Days at both Arcare Oatlands and Arcare Glenhaven. Click the addresses below for directions. Once you’re here, there is free parking on-site, although we do recommend for everyone to arrive early to ensure they get a parking spot in a comfortable location.

Arcare Oatlands:

23 Prindle St, Oatlands

Arcare Glenhaven:

93 Glenhaven Rd, Glenhaven

Arcare Oatlands

Arcare Oatlands will be the first of our two Festive Market Days. You can view the location below.

Arcare Oatlands

23 Prindle St, Oatlands, NSW, 2117