About Arcare

Arcare Aged Care is a leading residential aged care provider dedicated to the highest standards of services. Garnering a deep and rich history for over 40 years, today we have grown to over 40 unique residences in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Arcare has a wealth of understanding and expertise to provide the care you need and want.

This agility and knowledge is personalised for each resident through our Relationship-First Approach to all our services including permanent, respite, palliative and dementia care.

We know that choosing a residence that matches your needs is crucial. Striking a balance between responsibility and innovation, our model of care is driven by the needs of our residents which is supported by the foundation of our past, whilst leaning into the present. We operate with compassion and expertise, ensuring you have what you need to feel at home and thrive.

Our ethos

Our ethos

The Six Senses is a foundation for a flourishing shared experience whilst reaching meaningful personal goals. This framework has been developed from the ‘Senses-framework’ Nolan et al., 2006.

Our ‘Six Senses’ are: Security, Continuity, Belonging, Purpose, Fulfilment and Significance.

These senses underpin the guiding Relationship-First Approach that makes Arcare an innovative and creative industry leader.

Central to our values is reflecting and recognising the diverse voices we support in our community. Through comprehensive focus groups, interviews and research within the Arcare Community, we collaboratively formed the following values and statements, which continue to develop and grow.

Relationships, Uniqueness, Partnerships and Flexibility.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Arcare is a client focused, values-based organisation that embraces people’s differences and the positive contribution all people bring to our culture inclusive of: nationality, ethnicity, cultural background, spirituality, religion, sexuality, gender identity, disability, age, position, or political opinion whilst ensuring diversity and equality outcomes for all our community.

Download Arcare’s full Diversity and Inclusion Statement below.


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