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Dementia care

Specialised support for people living with dementia focusing on enrichment and consistency.

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Understanding the needs of people living with dementia

Living with dementia can be challenging, not only for the individuals experiencing it but also for their loved ones. Symptoms of dementia can vary widely but often include memory loss, difficulty with planning or solving problems, confusion with time or place, and challenges in completing familiar tasks. These symptoms can lead to frustration and isolation for the person affected.

Sensitive dementia care unit

Arcare’s sensitive care unit provides specialised dementia care in a safe, comfortable and consistent environment. We curate specialised care plans for every resident, while providing professional nursing, allied health services, bespoke catering, laundry, and personalised lifestyle options, all carefully curated to make living with dementia easier. We follow a relationships-first approach, helping you cultivate and sustain meaningful connections while creating a framework where everyday challenges can be overcome.

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Frequently asked questions about Dementia Care

What is dementia care?

Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging. Memory loss is one of the most commonly recognised symptoms, but there are also many behavioural changes that a person may experience. Although every person is different, behaviour changes may include:

  • Aggressive behaviour.
  • Overreaction over seemingly small incidents.
  • Hoarding and searching for things they believe are missing.
  • Repetitive behaviour and cannot remember what they’ve said or done.
  • Wandering behaviour.
  • Difficulty undertaking daily activities such as toileting, eating meals and mobility.

Because of these behavioural changes, dementia care needs to be sensitive to their needs. Dementia specific aged care residences need to be a calm and relaxing environment and follow a predictable routine. Our Sensitive Care Dementia wings provide this dementia specific aged care.

When should someone with dementia go into a care home?

Dementia is a progressive disease, however the speed of deterioration varies from person to person. For some people, it might be a gradual progression from mild memory loss to more severe symptoms. For others, it might happen faster over a period of a few months.

Deciding about going into an aged care dementia wing can be difficult. To help you decide, it might be helpful to talk to your GP, Dementia Australia (which offers education sessions about preparing for residential aged care), other families and carers and your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). You will need an assessment to receive aged care services.

Do you offer respite aged care for dementia patients?

Caring for someone with dementia can be demanding. If you and your loved one aren’t ready for permanent aged care yet, another option is short term respite care. We have respite care beds in all of our sensitive care aged care residences for dementia.

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How big are your Sensitive Care facilities?

The size of our dementia specific aged care services depends on the residential care home. Talk to our team about your needs. It’s important that dementia patients live in a homelike environment and all the Arcare residences have large private suites and homelike dining and lounge areas. Mealtime is important at Arcare and we offer a delicious seasonal menu with fresh meals prepared in-house.

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What is your visitor policy in the dementia aged care wing?

Arcare is home to our residents and therefore we don’t have visiting hours. We encourage family and friends to visit whenever they can and to enjoy a meal with their loved one if they’re able.

However, if the residence has an outbreak (eg. COVID) visiting hours are changed as required. Please contact your Arcare residence reception.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with our dedicated team by completing our request a tour form or calling our Relationship Centre on 1300 294 705.

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Uncertain what care you need?

Our friendly staff can help you identify the right care for you. Feel free to get in touch and chat with our team.
Our friendly staff can help you identify the right care for you. Feel free to get in touch and chat with our team.