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Published on 10th, May 2022
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Arcare and EyeGuide launch new sponsorship partnership


Arcare Aged Care and EyeGuide Technologies have launched a new program to sponsor amateur sporting clubs and schools across Australia. As part of the program Arcare is funding the purchase of EyeGuide units to promote the wellbeing of young athletes across the east coast of Australia.

The EyeGuide device is a 10 second, non-intrusive eye test to analyse the brain health of individuals and forms part of the assessment process when a head knock occurs on the sporting field or school playground.

EyeGuide units are now being rolled out through the program with Balnarring Football Club and Queenscliff Football & Netball Club in Victoria, Milton Ulladulla in NSW and St Columban’s in Queensland the first to receive their EyeGuide unit thanks to Arcare.

The EyeGuide unit will be used to baseline the brain health of all players and students and then if a head knock occurs follow up tests will be used in additional to the traditional concussion protocols.

Arcare CEO Colin Singh said “We have sponsored various community groups over the years and while providing money obviously helps the clubs we find that funding the purchase of an EyeGuide unit provides more tangible value to promote the wellbeing of people in the community”.

“When people come to an aged care facility later in life we want them to be in the best possible health and we believe an active lifestyle through participation in sport is an essential part of this. We find our values to promote the wellbeing of active people is very much aligned between Arcare Age Care and EyeGuide.” Colin Singh said.

Shane Keating, CEO of EyeGuide said “Amateur clubs are still getting back on their feet after the last 2 years and it great to see a corporate sponsor such as Arcare helping various communities across Australia”.

The program is continuing to roll out and if you are an amateur sporting club or school who would like further details about the possible Sponsorship please visit to contact them.