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Published on 13th, February 2023
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Keeping older people hydrated in hot weather


Staying hydrated in hot weather is important to maintain good health and avoid heat-related illnesses.

While we are advised to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, there are many ways to support healthy hydration habits for seniors and increase their fluid intake.

Here are six steps to encourage an elderly person to stay hydrated in the heat, especially during summer:

Foods that help

Include water-rich foods in their diet. Fruits like watermelon and cucumbers, and vegetables like lettuce and spinach, can help hydrate the body.

Serve soups and broths to add to fluid intake.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine. These can dehydrate the body and increase fluid loss.

Make it accessible

Keep water bottles or glasses filled and in easy reach.

Encourage seniors to carry a refillable water bottle with them wherever they go, especially if outdoors.


Offer gentle reminders

Ask them if they would like a drink when you see them. Make a point to approach them with a filled glass, just in case.

If necessary or where possible, encourage them to drink water at regular intervals by setting reminders, or scheduling water breaks into their routine.

Remind them it is important to listen to their body and drink water as soon as they feel thirsty. Encourage them to express their needs to you.

Mix it up

A little flavour goes a long way. Make hydration a sensory experience by infusing the water with fresh fruits or herbs. It’s decorative, flavoursome, and scents can evoke memories or a sense of comfort.

Ice cubes are a welcome addition in summer and add to the sensory experience.

Offer other beverages like coconut water, fruit juices or flavoured water to break up the monotony of plain water.


Encourage physical activity

Encourage light physical activity like taking a walk, which can increase thirst and remind them to drink more water.

Take frequent breaks

Take breaks in the shade or air conditioning to cool down and rehydrate. After some time, these breaks can also serve as cues to signal a water break.

Remember to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about the hydration levels of the elderly person.