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Published on 4th, April 2023
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What do you do in aged care

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An aged care residence is a complex and multifaceted workplace. Our day-to-day operations at Arcare Aged Care span a wide range of tasks and activities, and require a diverse team from all backgrounds, of all skills and experience. 

These are just a few examples of the many tasks and activities that might occur in the day-to-day operations of an aged care residence. The specific tasks and responsibilities will depend on the needs of the residents and the policies and procedures in effect. 

Help with personal care 

One of the most important aspects of aged care is supporting our residents with personal care tasks, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming. This is typically done daily, depending on the needs of the residents.  

Our Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are specifically trained to provide these services with care and attention, and in compliance with the Code of Conduct for Aged Care (pdf 1.13mb).  

Other aged care providers may refer to PSWs as Personal Care Attendants or Personal Care Workers. 

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Help residents get around  

Aged care workers, such as PSWs, may help residents with getting in and out of bed, moving around the facility, and using mobility aids. 

Provide emotional support 

Taking care of the mental health of our residents is a critical part of our work. Aged care workers, or PSWs, give emotional support and companionship to residents, as well as listen to concerns and offer reassurance.  

If required, PSWs will speak to the nurses and families about further mental health support (such as counselling, and additional activities to support good mental health) for the resident. 

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Manage and administer medications 

Many residents will require medications to manage their health conditions, and aged care staff will be responsible for administering these medications according to the prescribed schedule. 

Depending on the level of training and responsibility, some aged care workers may be responsible for administering medication to residents. 

While this is mainly the job of Enrolled Nurses (ENs) and Registered Nurses (RNs), some PSWs are also trained and qualified to administer medications. 

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Health monitoring and care 

Residents receive regular medical care and monitoring, which helps manage chronic health conditions and maintain overall health and wellbeing. This includes checking vital signs, observing for any changes in condition, and reporting any concerns to a supervisor or healthcare provider. 

Of all staff in an aged care residence, PSWs interact most frequently with residents, and are most likely to notice any changes in a resident’s condition. They will then report their observations to a supervising RN or EN to follow up. 

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Prepare and serve meals  

Providing nutritious and appealing meals is an important part of aged care. Meals and snacks can be customised to meet individual dietary needs and preferences.  

Each Arcare residence has its own fully-equipped industrial kitchen. The Head Chef of the residence plans each seasonal menu and prepares meals with their kitchen team. Catering staff then bring the meals to the residential dining areas, where they and the PSWs serve each meal to residence according to individual dietary requirements.  

When the meal is over, they wash and clean up the dining service area, and reset the tables, ready for the next meal of the day. 

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Plan and coordinate social activities 

Our Lifestyle Coordinators organise social activities to help residents stay engaged, active, and connected. These include group activities such as exercise classes, games, music sessions, crafts groups, and conversation groups 

They even organise outings by bus to local attractions and events, and shopping trips. Thanks to the kindness of our extended Arcare community, some residences invite visitors from local early education centres, volunteers with motorbikes and vintage cars, puppeteers, performers, therapy pets, and, on occasion, alpacas. 

Where required, they can also organise one-on-one activities. 

Clean and maintain the facility 

Keeping the facility clean and well-maintained is an important aspect of aged care. Support staff such as cleaners and maintenance workers play an important role in ensuring that the facility is clean, safe, and well-maintained. They clean resident rooms, common areas, and the facility itself, as well as performing maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs and repairing equipment. 

Managerial and administrative tasks 

There is a significant amount of administrative work involved in running an aged care residence, including managing staff rosters, maintaining records of care provided, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Every Arcare Aged Care residence has a Residence Manager and a General Services Manager, as well as a team of admin staff, to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Maintain safety and security 

Aged care residences are designed to be safe and secure environments, with staff available to respond to emergencies and help as needed.  

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