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Published on 18th, April 2023
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Who works in an aged care residence

Maintenance Officer Aged Care Careers

From Personal Support Workers and Nurses, to Cleaners and Maintenance Staff, aged care residences employ a range of people from all backgrounds and experience, with multiple skillsets and expertise.

There are many job roles in aged care, depending on the size of most residences, number of residents living there, and the complex and specific health and care needs of the community.

Here are some examples of employees you’ll meet at an Arcare Aged Care residence.

Personal Support Workers

Personal support workers (PSWs, sometimes known as Personal Care Workers or Personal Care Attendants), provide hands-on care and support to residents.

Enrolled Nurses and Registered Nurses

Enrolled Nurses (ENs) provide nursing care to residents, supervised by Registered Nurses.

Registered Nurses (RNs) in aged care oversee provision of nursing care, including medication management, pain management, diabetes management, wound care, and coordination of care.

As team leaders, RNs use their keen decision-making skills to guide PSWs, ENs, and others in their unit in daily clinical care.

Lifestyle Coordinators

Lifestyle Coordinators plan and run group and individual activities for residents. To do this, they assess each person’s social and emotional needs, as well as their interests, abilities, religious needs, cultural needs, and life experiences.

They contribute to each resident’s wellbeing by keeping them engaged with each other and their communities and helping them maintain activity and independence.

Allied Health Professionals

Some Allied Health Professionals you may see in an aged care residence include:

Music Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Social Workers
Speech Pathologists, and
Spiritual Care Workers.

Allied Health Professionals are experts in their area of care and help clinical teams implement each resident’s care and treatment plan.

Maintenance and Support Staff

With the number of people living, working and visiting in each residence, maintenance and support staff play an important role in keeping things clean, safe, and well-maintained. They are responsible for tasks such as cleaning, gardening, and maintenance of equipment, and their work is vital to the wellbeing of everyone on site.

Chefs and Kitchen Staff

Our in-house Chefs and their kitchen crew work closely with nutritionists to ensure our residents get nutritious and delicious meals each day.

While Chefs oversee food preparation and service, in line with policy and procedure, Kitchen Staff deliver food to dining areas, and work with PSWs to serve each meal according to resident’s tastes and requirements. Kitchen Staff are clear dishes in the dining are kitchen after each meal service.

Residence Managers, General Service Managers and Administrative Staff

Residence Managers and General Services Managers oversee the day-to-day operation of an aged care residence, including managing staff, budgets, and regulatory compliance, supported by administrative staff such as receptionists.

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