Dedicated assignments

Dedicated assignments

Our Dedicated Assignment is a leading model of care and the most important way we support the development and deepening of committed relationships. We understand that consistency and commitment is key to fostering trusting relationships between residents, employees and families.

How do we do it?

– All employees – care, nursing, environmental and catering – work with exactly the same small group of residents every time they come to work.

– Employees have a minimum of 2 shifts per week.

– Regular opportunities for residents and family to provide important feedback on their experiences with their dedicated team.

Arcare is proud to be recognised as a leader in elder care globally and the development of our Dedicated Staff Assignment model is a transformative approach initiated by  stakeholders throughout our research in 2012. <is this too outdated to mention?>

Our staff are dedicated to your care. Read an article from ABC News about Zorka, Usha and Meri, and the benefits of the Dedicated Staff Assignment.

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