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Providing quality home care since 2015 through our dedicated and experienced Arcare Home Care team members.

Arcare Home Care is committed to empowering Senior Australians to live their best lives at home, by providing care services to help you in your day to day routines.

If you require cooking, cleaning, personal care or even some transport assistance getting around the local community, we have customised packages to help you keep your independence.

We understand that you may require temporary assistance or a long term solution, so our home care packages and support are tailored to suit your needs. Talk to our helpful team members today about the best options for your situation.

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Home Care

Home Care

Home Care Packages (HCP) are one of the ways that Senior Australians can access care services within the comfort of your own home. Care services offered within the HCP include: Wellbeing and independence, Mobility and Security, Social and transport and In-home respite care.

There are four levels of Home Care Packages with different funding amounts, from basic support needs through to high care needs. The level is assigned based on individual needs.

Package levelLevel of care needs
Level 1Basic care needs – approximately $8,750 a year
Level 2Low care needs – approximately $15,250 a year
Level 3Intermediate care needs – approximately $33,500 a year
Level 4High care needs – approximately $50,750 a year

We offer to organise a comprehensive Clinical Assessment for all Level 3 and Level 4 HCP clients as part of the package.

Privately funded home care services

Privately funded home care services

For those still living in the community, we provide privately funded in-home services and support in the comfort and familiar surrounds of your own home.

By collaborating closely, we aim to empower you to make informed choices about the home care services that you are able to receive. Privately funded home care applicants will pay the full home care service fees.

Call our Home Care team on 1300 726 291.

Government Funded Home Care Packages

Government Funded Home Care Packages

The Home Care packages are available through government funded home care. To be eligible for government funded home care, you must complete an assessment and be approved to receive a subsidy on the home care services.

Call our Home Care team on 1300 726 291.

Home Care Services

Services to stay well and independent

Personal careHelp with showering, self-care, hygiene and grooming
NursingWound management or help with medicines
Allied health and therapy servicesHealth and therapy services e.g. podiatry, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy
Specialised supportHelp for people with a particular condition e.g. vision, dementia
Meal preparation and dietHelp with feeding, meal preparation, and using eating utensils

Services to be safe at home

Domestic assistanceHelp with basic chores around the house
Home maintenanceHelp with keeping home and garden safe
Home modificationsChanges to home to improve safety and access e.g. ramps and rails
Goods, equipment and assistive technologyItems to help get around or adapt e.g. walking frame, shower chair

Services to interact with your community

TransportCommunity transport, transport to GP
Social supportSocial activities in a community-based group setting or accompanied activities

Feedback & Complaints Process

Arcare Home Care (AHC)

  • promotes a culture that encourages and regularly seeks feedback from clients to identify opportunities for improvement for individuals and for Arcare; and
  • recognises participants’ right to raise concerns and make complaints about the care and services they receive from Arcare, and aim to have an accessible, confidential, prompt and fair system to resolve complaints efficiently and effectively.

Our Feedback and Complaints policy aims to

  • put in place an open and transparent system for clients and their representatives to provide positive and negative feedback about the care and services they receive;
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of staff to ensure complaints are handled fairly and objectively;
  • effectively manage complaints and issues identified, setting out how staff record and analyse complaint data;
  • respond appropriately to feedback received formally, informally, written or verbal in a timely manner;
  • Open disclosure process – open communication and transparent processes;
  • establish our timeframes for resolving complaints; and
  • identify barriers that make it difficult for clients to raise issues and create a culture that welcomes and supports them – this may include:

o Literacy and language skills

o Cultural and linguistic background

o Physical, mental, cognitive and sensory abilities

  • use feedback data to improve the quality of care and services to lead to better outcomes; and
  • provide an accessible, confidential and fair system to deal with feedback and resolve complaints.

Your feedback will be dealt with confidentially and will remain anonymous if preferred.

No client, participant or worker will be adversely affected because they have made a complaint, or one has been made against them.

Please complete a ‘Feedback and Complaints Brochure’ form and send to the AHC Quality team (mailbox;, and provide your name and details if you wish to be contacted about this issue.

Types of fees

Types of fees

There are three types of fees involved in Arcare Home Care below:

Basic daily fees are calculated from the home care service package selected and rates are charged daily.

Income tested care fees are determined through a Department of Human Services formal income assessment form and there are annual and lifetime limits involved.

Additional fees may be required for extra home care services that are not included in the government funded Home care package.

Rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities

You have a right to receive high quality care and services and to always be treated with respect and dignity.

These rights and more are protected by the Charter of Aged Care Rights. The Charter provides the same rights to all consumers.

It is a good idea for you and those involved in your care to familiarise yourself with your rights. Arcare Home Care is committed to comply with the Charter.


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Client information & participation booklet

Client information & participation booklet

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