A supportive transition

Making the move

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How life will change

Transitioning into aged care marks a significant change in life. You’re in a new environment and will develop new routines. While it may seem daunting at first, this change often leads to enhanced quality of life. You’ll receive curated care tailored to your specific needs, ensuring comfort, safety and well-being.

Daily life becomes enriched with opportunities for social engagement and hobbies that might have been challenging to access previously. This new chapter opens doors to new, meaningful friendships, finding a sense of belonging in community, and enjoying peace of mind knowing that support is always available.

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Taking it step-by-step

We understand that transitioning into aged care can be daunting, but breaking it up into steps makes it more manageable.

Find out if you’re eligible

Where to start? The first step is to find out if you’re eligible for aged care services. All Arcare communities are government-funded, so potential residents must be assessed to receive care. The assessment will determine your care needs and what services we can claim through government funding.
Check eligibility
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Book a tour

We understand choosing an aged care community can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend visiting a residence to get a feel for the culture. Look for a positive, homely environment with friendly staff, happy residents, and an active social calendar. Book a private tour at one of our residences, where our friendly staff can answer all your questions.
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Understand costs

Once you’ve chosen a residence, the next step understanding your budget and the fees for your care. Aged care fees include accommodation costs and daily care fees. We discuss finances and what options will suit your situation.
Learn about costs

Apply to live at Arcare

Once you’re ready to apply for a residence, you will need a copy of your aged care assessment, financial assessment (if applicable) and a completed Arcare application. Email your documents or drop them in personally at your preferred residence. To start your Arcare journey, book a tour and speak to our friendly team.
Apply to Arcare
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Move into Arcare

Once you’ve received confirmation and a date, it’s time to move into your new community. We understand it can be a daunting transition, but we will support you every step of the way. With plenty of opportunities to connect and grow, you will settled in no time.
First day guide
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arcare_aged_care_logan_reserve_web (52) Find out if you’re eligible
Arcare_Aged_Care_Springwood_Cafe with residents_CMYK_300dpi72dpi_RGB Book a tour
arcare_aged_care_pimpama_melva_technology_computer Understand costs
arcare_aged_care_logan_reserve_web (40) Apply to live at Arcare
Arcare aged care_team with resident 2024 Move into Arcare

Support for families

Fostering connection with not only our residents but also their families, is central to the communities we’ve built. Our doors are always open, inviting families to participate in experiences, events, and the everyday moments that matter. This inclusive approach ensures that you remain an integral part of your loved one’s life.

Support for families

What to expect on 
your first day

Moving into aged care is a significant transition for the whole family. At Arcare, we provide support during this period of adjustment. We aim to ease the transition, making it as smooth and comfortable as possible for the whole family. Take a look at our guide for your first day.

First day guide
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Experience life
at Arcare

Get a feel for what life is like at Arcare and meet our friendly staff on a guided tour.
Get a feel for what life is like at Arcare and meet our friendly staff on a guided tour.